Conductive Keratoplasty

We are pleased to announce that the FDA has approved Conductive KeratoplastySM, the first non-laser treatment for farsighted patients

For 60 million Americans that have difficulty reading menus, computer screens, driving at night or find themselves constantly repositioning reading materials to find the right focus, Conductive KeratoplastySM or CK, represents a safe, minimally invasive option for treating their vision.

Bay Eye Medical Group provides the few specialists in the area with the training to perform the CK procedure.

We are now scheduling complimentary screenings
for patients to see if they are appropriate candidates for CK.

Are you someone who:

  • Began wearing reading glasses after age 40
  • Currently wears bifocals, or
  • Has trouble changing focus from distance to near?

If so, call us at 831-475-7012 to schedule your complimentary screening or contact us now!

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