Practice news


COVID19 update - We have continued to prioritize the eye care needs of our patients and the safety of our staff/patients during this pandemic virus time.  Starting in May 2020 we have begun to increase our patient care to better serve our community, while following the CDC guidelines for best practices for safety.  New processes will include social distancing, masks for all staff/patients, daily screening for all staff/patients including non contact temperature measurements, and frequent hand sanitizer use with disinfecting of our exam rooms for every patient visit. 


TELEMEDICINE update - We are excited to announce our patient care expansion into telemedicine exams to better serve our patient needs.  Patients will need to complete a consent for this type of exam, as well as provide an updated mobile phone number and email.  On the day/time of exam, the patient will be contacted through either a text message or email with link  that will open a browser page to start video chat.  A technician may start the exam by reviewing the patient history and updating medications, similar to an office exam, before having the patient speak with the doctor.  Not every patient may be a suitable candidate for this type of exam.