What a hassle constanly having to clean my glasses and guard against them getting bumped or scratched as I played with my kids. No more of that. I now enjoy life without glasses and see at 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other!

I am so thankful this technology is available. I would recommend this to anyone saddled with glasses or contacts.

Chris Giminez

I am proud to say that my ophthalmologist husband performed my LASIK procedure. Though every person will have a unique experience, my surgery was quick and so well below my pain tolerance level, that I'd say it was "pain free" with just some slight discomfort for a few seconds. By the end of my first post-op week, I was 20/20. During ensuing months, I did experience some dry eyes which were remedied with lubricating eye drops. Regardless, I am a very happy patient. So whether you are an athlete, up-all-night student, busy professional, or a stay-at-home parent, you will be delighted when you regain that freedom which was taken since the first time you were told you needed glasses.

Judy Hsei


I teach Japanese tea ceremony and I go to Japan frequently. It is a ten hour flight. I have worn hard lenses for thiry years. They were really irritating on plane flights. The air is dry and I cannot sleep with them in my eyes. I had to switch back and forth between lenses and glasses frequently. Have you ever tried to put a lenses in your eye on the bumpy flight or in a plane bathroom? If you drop the lense in an economy seat, you can't even bend over to locate it. The whole procedure is also embarrassing and inconvenient for your seat mates. At the very least, you arrive looking especially haggard because your eyes are irritated or you have eye strain from your glasses. Since I had laser surgery, I don't have to worry any more. I can sleep, read, or fill out customs forms at my convenience. The procedure was quick, everyone was really nice, and I now have 20/20 vision. One was my tea students is going to have her eyes done at Dr. Adams office, too!


Jennifer Anderson




One of my hobbies is competative dart throwing. Since I had LASIK surgery my game has improved significantly.

I am so happy I did it!!


Thank you for the new lease on life!


Dr. Adams and his competent, pleasant staff have made this a flawless, fearless experience. This ranks as one of my best decisions!


I want to thank you and your staff for giving me my eyesight and my confidence back! Before my Lasik surgery my eyesight seemed like a disability to me. I was dependent upon glasses or contact lenses just to get through the day. It was a helpless, weak feeling, day after day, year after year. Now, after the Lasik Procedure, I can do all the things I have always wanted to do without all the worries of putting in contact lenses or glasses. My disability is gone and it is a very freeing feeling. I now feel limitless. This is a dream come true for me! To me you are Miracle Workers and I am truly blessed that you have done this for me. I am telling EVERYONE!



Having Laser Vision Correction of my eyes has been great!!! It has made my life simpler and my activities easier -- without the need for glasses or contact lenses; especially activities such as using a surgical microscope and laser, playing tennis or scuba diving.

William Adams